After Van Gogh, Chris and I ventured into a restaurant. Our first indoor dining since the beginning of the pandemic. It was at a place called the BAO. We only felt good about it because the whole staff is fully vaccinated with boosters and proof of vacation is required. We also went at a time went no other patrons were there. I cannot think of a safer scenario for our first experience back in a restaurant.

The food, which was like sliders made using Bao bread, was fantastic. They have some other tempting options too, so we will definitely be back.


This afternoon Chris and I took the opportunity to get out for a date. We have been interested in the immersive Van Gogh thing over at the Galleria for a bit. Today we decided to go. It was pretty interesting and fun. The main part was basically a big room with thirty projectors working in sync to give you a 30 minute looping subtly animated experience of Vincent's work on every wall and the floor. If you move to another area of the room you could go for another 30 minutes of a slightly different experience. (And we did.)

The wind has covered Chubb in some crunchy leaves. It was kinda fun running through them. I stopped to walk for a couple miles while I was on the phone with a recruiter. The crunchy was a bit more of a problem then, but this guy was willing to deal. Still loving the Autumn. Cannot get enough.

Johnson & Johnson is planning to split into two companies. Cue all the late night jokes about how one will be called Johnson but the other will be called Johnson.

In which Jupiter taught Tsunami and I about Gaga Ball.

We either did an out and back or two opposite loops on Beulah. Depends on how you look at it. When I got home I noticed that Google Photos had created a panorama out of a few of the photos I took. It is always entertaining to me when it doubles someone in these. In this case there are two Goats. Also take note of how beautiful the Autumn leaves make things. I cannot state that enough.

That's Numberwang!

This morning while Tsunami was doing his daily math workbook we got into a dispute about the way the folks across the pond say "maths" as opposed to our term "math". I argued that since it is a shortened version of the plural word "mathematics" the plural shortened version makes more sense. He argued that "math" is also plural in common American English parlance. That's where we ended the discussion.

All this talk of numbers and the Brits got me thinking of Numberwang. The British comedy duo Mitchell and Webb have done a number of BBC television series including That Mitchell and Webb Look and That Mitchell and Webb Sound which feature various comedy skits. They are probably more popular for their sitcom called Peep Show. Everything they do is pretty funny. But my favorite series of skits is called Numberwang.

I have no idea why this works. It's just shouting a bunch of random numbers (or sometimes non-numbers) and various unrelated things happening as a result. There's nothing I can point to in it that screams comedy gold. But to me, it is. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

That's Numberwang!

Goat and I decided to do a relatively flat run along the river on Chubb. It was a beautiful day. We met two really big dogs (horses). And we also met a puppy who just got her master over the weekend. Her master wanted us to help socialize her so we stopped for a few seconds. The weather was nice, if a bit too warm. But I'm sure the cooler temps will prevail soon.

We saw some birds at the World Bird Sanctuary. Then we went for a little hike on Turtle Bob. Fun stuff. It is nice to be in the woods during both times the sun breaches the horizon.

I really wanted to get out to my favorite bluff off of Lewis and Clark trails to see the sun spill over the horizon this morning. Turns out I made it out there a few minutes early. So I ran back and fourth along the bluff until the moment happened. The moment was everything I wanted and more. After that experience the rest of my time out on Lewis and Clark felt super easy and maybe a little slow. But I did not care. It was a great run to end the week on. Pictures and videos do not do it justice. I encourage anyone willing and able to experience that moment for themselves. It happens every day, so there is little excuse not to do it. Just make the time.

Jupiter had hockey practice at The Barn today, so Goat and I took it as a good opportunity to run at Bootlegger. There were a few apes climbing among the trees at Go Ape which made Goat greatly concerned. This was run #2 for today.

Leo had a little more run in him today. We saw some deer in the park. I wonder if they were there running away from the bow hunt at Powder Valley this weekend. Someone might have tipped them off. This is run #1 for today.

I was gonna rest today, but that would have meant not continuing the streak that I am on. So a night run it was. It is only 11 days so far, but I did not want to lose it. I was also motivated by Goat having way too much energy.

I caught a glimpse of this guy on our deck this morning. What a treat!

Because the news is about the exceptional, and the more exceptional an event is – be it a terrorist attack, violent uprising, or natural disaster – the bigger its newsworthiness. You’ll never see a headline reading NUMBER OF PEOPLE LIVING IN EXTREME POVERTY DOWN BY 137,000 SINCE YESTERDAY, even though it could accurately have been reported every day over the last twenty-five years.

Rutger Brennan, Humankind: A Hopeful History