Lots of Cardinals out back today

This was my first relay race. It was a fun time. I will probably do another at some point. I did not know what to expect really. I guess I imagined sitting in the cold in between loops. Reality was that I saw a bunch of cool people that I see at many races and hung out and had fun. The St. Louis Track Club was putting on an amazing fun time as always!

If you want to be a chicken, then you have to be a chicken. Because if you are not a chicken, then you cannot be a chicken.


I did not want to go too long today since I have the Marathon Relay tomorrow. It is the first relay I have ever done, so I am excited/intrigued to see how that goes.

I thought I could still get some good hill work in at Emmeneger and since it would just be four miles I brought Leo. Goat was not happy about that decision, but he is never really aware when he needs rest.

I spent about 15 minutes sitting on the bluff when I was done watching the cars on the highway below. It was a good way to follow up the run. Leo did not agree with that though. He hid behind my back.

Jupiter's first regular season game of sportspuck was tonight. Stars won! Jupiter played hard.

Goat met five other friendly pups today on Chubb. He was pretty excited about it. His new friends were excited to meet him too.

Jupiter has hockey practice nearby again. I thought, "well that's early enough for me to run on Bootlegger for an hour." The early sunset and the park ranger thought differently. It was fun while it lasted!

Zombie is a fun trail. I know I got into a good zone and thunk some deep thoughts. But whatever it was escapes me now. It's too bad it works that way, but works that way it does.

A friend who has been wanting to get out to a trail for a while finally joined Ty, Goat, and I at Castlewood today. It was a fun time. I especially enjoyed the part where two of my good friends got to know each other. I also liked the part where Goat and I splashed through the stream a couple of times.

I can't believe how much this guy has grown. From not being able to get his hand around my finger to the big guy he is now. I am happy to have spent the last 13 years getting to know the teenager he has become and I look forward to learning more of this amazing guy as he continues on his journey.

Goat and I met plenty of friendly deer as seems to be the custom on Bootlegger. I definitely way overdressed for this run. I wore a beanie, gloves, and long sleeves because it was in the 30 degree range this morning, but at the end of this run it's now getting pretty close to 60 degrees.

We went on a family hike at Emmeneger. It was a slow hike with all the little kids. But that's okay because there were plenty of vines to swing and logs over creeks to balance on along the way!

I saw some free stuff on the side of the road during our neighborhood run. We have a room in our house pretty much entirely furnished with free side of the road stuff. I might grab one or two of these things too.

Last night we went cosmic skating. Boy am I sore this morning.

I hadn't been to Shaw Nature Reserve in awhile. But today Jupiter had hockey practice in Pacific. So I took the opportunity to get out there. I'm glad I did. I think this is one of those areas that I really have not spent enough time exploring.