Archive of October 2021

Who can go wrong with alcoholic pickle juice?

I was surprised by how little mud I was running through on the Lost Valley trail. I thought to myself that I'd like to run a new trail this morning, but was not willing to drive far enough to get to one. So I figured I'd do the next best thing and run one I typically run counterclockwise in the opposite clockwise direction. It was a fine idea. Goat is an amazing pacer.

I hadn't been able to focus enough to finish reading a book for myself since the pandemic began. Now that I've left the social media and recommended content feeds behind, it feels super easy!

I wanted to listen to some podcasts. So I went out for another around Kirkwood run as a good excuse to do that.

Cojita: Queso's answer to feta.

I decided to loop around the outside of Emmeneger for the extra elevation gain rather than take my usual ying yang route which includes the bottoms. You can't go wrong with 1000 feet of gain in 4 miles! The fall colors are getting ridiculously pretty.

The Halloween is ready

The light rain was a nice addition to today's run. We found plenty of puddles for splashing through making us both feel like playful puppies.


We went to Creepy World last night. The guys found Krampus

This is pretty much how I have felt all day.

The masks are doing double duty today. They keep us safe from the virus and keep us warm.

Budgies love Chris too.

Jupiter is a budgie nest.

The rat race.